Saracen Security is able to provide suitable protection for VIPs, celebrities or executives visiting the UK, whether for business or for pleasure.

Depending on requirements, protection may be on a one-to-one basis or as a fully supported 24-hour protection team.  Protection would comprise male and/or female officers with many years’ experience of working with important clients from different cultures around the world. Teams plan appropriate travel routes and can, if required, remain discreet and close-at-hand to manage emergency situations. The officer’s role is to prevent a client being harmed. This means pre-empting and avoiding trouble, not dealing with it when it presents itself.

All Close Protection Officers employed by our company are professionals highly trained in appropriate CRW techniques and with small arms expertise and are fully licenced by the S.I.A. They may operate either ’high profile’ or under cover, as required.

We offer a professional and discreet service with a holistic approach to your overall security needs.