The Door Supervisor’s role is to enable venue patrons to enjoy themselves in a relaxed, safe and secure atmosphere.

A door supervisor is often the first employee that a member of the public comes into contact with upon entering a venue, and is often the last person the patron will see whilst leaving the venue. His or her attitude, language and dress will influence a customer’s expectations and behaviour on entering the venue. A helpful, friendly and professional door supervisor can provide a positive influence on the overall atmosphere of a venue, just as a door supervisor who is rude, aggressive and 'on edge' will have a negative influence. Our door supervisors are suitably dressed, according to the type of venue, and will have their S.I.A Licence clearly visible.

Most importantly, a door supervisor should always be aware of what is happening at a venue. The earlier he is aware of a confrontation, the more low-key the response required to defuse it. Incidents that would normally pass without comment - someone being nudged at the bar, someone's drink being spilt, someone talking to someone else's girlfriend - may suddenly escalate into confrontational situations. It is vital that such incidents are isolated as quickly as possible - people act differently without an audience.

Our door supervisors are trained to deal with any situation that may arise in a professional and civilised manner, with minimum force and maximum effectiveness.