Security Officers play an important role in the successful operation of a business. No matter what the industry or assignment, security officers should, by means of suitable training and expertise, be capable of adapting themselves to a wide variety of security-related duties, ranging from coordinating a busy reception area to manning and monitoring a distribution company's gatehouse.
A Static Guarding service requires a full risk assessment and threat analysis survey, so as to ensure that appropriate and cost-effective measures are put in place for a client. By means of this survey, a client is given the opportunity to address any issues of concern under the strictest confidentiality.
For most assignments, our security officers are the first point of contact for persons entering a client’s place of business, whether the company’s CEO or potential customers. Our security officers are well aware that they represent the image and interests of our clients.

Aim of service: to provide retail security cover for specified needs

Contract management:

• training and supervision of the team; 
• maintaining the security of the premises; 
• dealing with emergencies; 
• control of authorised access to the venue; 
• conducting logged periodic external & internal patrols; 
• maintaining a Site Incident Book for reporting any incidents; 
• monitoring CCTV facilities; 
• adhering to the venue’s health & safety requirements; 
• providing fully licenced security personnel; 
• providing a customer-oriented service.