Saracen Security is able to provide suitable protection for VIPs, celebrities or executives visiting the UK, whether for business or for pleasure.

Depending on requirements, protection may be on a one-to-one basis or as a fully supported 24-hour protection team.  Protection would comprise male and/or female officers with many years’ experience of working with important clients from different cultures around the world. Teams plan appropriate travel routes and can, if required, remain discreet and close-at-hand to manage emergency situations. The officer’s role is to prevent a client being harmed. This means pre-empting and avoiding trouble, not dealing with it when it presents itself.

All Close Protection Officers employed by our company are professionals highly trained in appropriate CRW techniques and with small arms expertise and are fully licenced by the S.I.A. They may operate either ’high profile’ or under cover, as required.

We offer a professional and discreet service with a holistic approach to your overall security needs.

Saracen Security offers a tailored Chauffeur service.

A range of transportation can be arranged for clients, from domestic four-door vehicles to fully-armoured limousines driven by experienced chauffeurs trained in all aspects of close protection and fully licenced by the Public Carriage Office.

Please contact us on the telephone number at the bottom of this page for more details.

Security Officers play an important role in the successful operation of a business. No matter what the industry or assignment, security officers should, by means of suitable training and expertise, be capable of adapting themselves to a wide variety of security-related duties, ranging from coordinating a busy reception area to manning and monitoring a distribution company's gatehouse.
A Static Guarding service requires a full risk assessment and threat analysis survey, so as to ensure that appropriate and cost-effective measures are put in place for a client. By means of this survey, a client is given the opportunity to address any issues of concern under the strictest confidentiality.
For most assignments, our security officers are the first point of contact for persons entering a client’s place of business, whether the company’s CEO or potential customers. Our security officers are well aware that they represent the image and interests of our clients.

Aim of service: to provide retail security cover for specified needs

Contract management:

• training and supervision of the team; 
• maintaining the security of the premises; 
• dealing with emergencies; 
• control of authorised access to the venue; 
• conducting logged periodic external & internal patrols; 
• maintaining a Site Incident Book for reporting any incidents; 
• monitoring CCTV facilities; 
• adhering to the venue’s health & safety requirements; 
• providing fully licenced security personnel; 
• providing a customer-oriented service.

In line with the growing trend of civil litigations between individuals or organisations, Saracen Security can organise a tailor-made plan to ensure your best interests are served. Whatever your situation, be it an insurance claim or a divorce settlement we can ensure your requirements are met discreetly and effectively and most importantly legally.
We provide:
· Ex police and armed forces personnel trained in surveillance techniques
· Personnel who are able and ready to travel
· All our surveillance contracts are kept highly secure and confidential
· All our surveillance personnel are fully SIA licenced close protection operatives

The Door Supervisor’s role is to enable venue patrons to enjoy themselves in a relaxed, safe and secure atmosphere.

A door supervisor is often the first employee that a member of the public comes into contact with upon entering a venue, and is often the last person the patron will see whilst leaving the venue. His or her attitude, language and dress will influence a customer’s expectations and behaviour on entering the venue. A helpful, friendly and professional door supervisor can provide a positive influence on the overall atmosphere of a venue, just as a door supervisor who is rude, aggressive and 'on edge' will have a negative influence. Our door supervisors are suitably dressed, according to the type of venue, and will have their S.I.A Licence clearly visible.

Most importantly, a door supervisor should always be aware of what is happening at a venue. The earlier he is aware of a confrontation, the more low-key the response required to defuse it. Incidents that would normally pass without comment - someone being nudged at the bar, someone's drink being spilt, someone talking to someone else's girlfriend - may suddenly escalate into confrontational situations. It is vital that such incidents are isolated as quickly as possible - people act differently without an audience.

Our door supervisors are trained to deal with any situation that may arise in a professional and civilised manner, with minimum force and maximum effectiveness.

Our Retail security officers are trained in legal powers of arrest and the use of force, as well as first aid and health & safety skills.

The service and operational procedures detailed below act as guidelines and may be adapted to suit the particular requirements of an operation.

Aim of service: to provide manned security cover for specified needs 

Contract management: 

• ensuring that 24-hour cover is provided in accordance with contractual obligations; 
• providing fully licenced S.I.A security personnel; 
• providing a customer-oriented service; 
• liaising with site managers; 
• adhering to the venue’s health & safety requirements; 
• adhering to the requirements of the venue’s emergency procedures; 
• introducing new staff security procedures; 
• controlling access to the premises; 
• carrying out searches; 
• apprehending and detaining suspects; 
• maintaining reports and station logs. 

All the above points would form an integral part of our proposal and will, when utilised in conjunction with the Venue Assignment instructions, guarantee the provision of effective security services for a venue.

Whatever your event, we at Saracen Security can ensure it runs smoothly and safely. We have managed events for anything from private weddings to The World Strip Poker Tournament to Fred Perry launches.


- Weddings
- Annual General Meetings
- Sporting Events
- Concerts
- One-off Parties

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The Security Institute has issued a statement regarding its membership of the newly-formed Security Alliance – bringing together a number of industry bodies.

The statement, entitled “NEW SECURITY ALLIANCE ESTABLISHED”, says:

“A number of key organizations in the security sector have joined together as The Security Alliance – a ‘think-tank’ set up to work together on key issues facing the profession.

“Initially The Security Alliance hope to be assisting the SIA with the implementation of their new strategy based on ‘lighter-touch‘ regulation, and the licensing of security companies.

“Membership of the Alliance is by invitation only, and organizations currently represented are The Security Institute, the British Security Industry Association, the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals, ASIS Chapter 208, and Skills for Security. It is likely that other industry bodies will join in due course.

“The Alliance has strong support from Brian Sims, Editor of and Bobby Logue, Editor of, whose valued support is essential in continuing to broadcast developments affecting the security sector.

“Chairman Mike Bluestone says “I see in this new ‘Security Alliance’, an opportunity to not only face the current crisis and HMG with one unified and powerful voice, but also a body which can speak on behalf of its constituent members in an equally unified manner for the long-term benefit of the UK security sector. I commend James Kelly and the BSIA for taking the initiative.”

“Mike Bluestone is included in an invitation to discuss the SIA’s future with the Regulator on 28 October in Central London. He urges the Institute membership to contact him with comments and concerns ahead of this, particularly from the customer’s (end user) perspective.”